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Buying a home or commercial property can be exciting, momentous and meaningful... It can also be stressful.  

That's where True North Property Inspection comes in. While you focus on the home's style, layout, price, and neighborhood, we take care of evaluating its major systems: Roof, Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and more...

We will then provide you with a written report to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

The report is only one piece of information needed to make a decision on what could be the biggest purchase of your life.

Specializing in heating, plumbing, structural and roofing inspection.

True North is your professional second opinion for your home/commercial systems evaluations.

  • Commercial and Home Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspections allow the vendor the opertunity to make repairs or make allowance for negotiations.
  • Pre- Purchase Inspections offer the buyer a detailed report on the homes condition of major systems.
  • Construction or remodeling scheduled inspections
  • Mortgage or Lender Inspections
  • Thermal Inspections

True North is your Team Leader for Commercial Inspection...We build the team required for your unique purchase.

Making sure you have all the information 'before' you make a significant decision, It simply makes sense.

Count on True North to give you the unbiased, professional opinion you need, when you need it. 

  • Registered Home Inspector (RHI)
  • Commercial and Home Inspection.
  • Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Construction or remodeling scheduled inspections 
  • Mortgage or Lender Inspections
  • WETT SITE certified. Fireplaces,Wood and Pellet Stoves. 
  • FLIR Building Investigation Certified.  We use a FLIR E8 Infrared Camera

*True North Property Inspection is proud to provide its services to the men and woman that serve our country. We are registered with Brookfield IRP and WETT certified to ensure your wood burning appliance meets or exceeds code.

For more information, contact us today at (613) 639.8282 or by email at: contact@truenorthpropertyinspection.com.

Stephen was amazing in his home inspection on a house my wife and I wanted for over 20 years. Our hearts were doing the thinking for us not our eyes and minds. Stephens honest and non-bias opinion along with a very well documented report with pictures really put everything into our mind set. This was a life altering choice for our family. Without Stephen's home inspection we could have seriously been in a whole bunch of trouble. Don't trust your gut, agent or friends. Trust a non-bias guy like Stephen. He works for you and no one else.

Andrew Dick & Family
Renfrew Ontario

Andrew Dick 
104.9 myFM Pembroke/Petawawa

Stephen D. Gazo
(Registered Home Inspector)

Phone or Text: (613) 639.8282

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True North Property/Home Inspection is a Proud Member of:

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (O.A.H.I)

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (O.A.H.I)